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Vital Network Solutions - previously Result IT - is an independent IT consultancy and solutions provider based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Vital provides a range of network, system & software support, installation and development solutions to Small & Medium sized Businesses as well as specialist consultancy services to large & enterprise customers. Our focus is on Microsoft infrastructure solutions and professional, managed services support solutions.

With expertise covering a wide range of Microsoft, Cisco and Open Source software and networking technologies as well as a solid understanding of the challenges facing SMEs today, Vital is ideally placed to help develop, support and manage your IT infrastructure, allowing your employees to focus on your core business with the support of a reliable, secure IT environment which facilitates productivity.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple and focuses on two primary commitments - technology and support.

We aim to provide enterprise class, best of breed services and technologies to all of our customers. This means delivering a range of products, solutions and technologies to our SME clients, tailored to their individual budgets and requirements, which provide true value for money whilst empowering them with the latest technologies to give them a competitive edge. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions and functionality to our clients which they may previously have considered too complex, too costly or simply out-of-scope for a small business.

We back this up with a commitment to ethical business and a dedicated, knowledgeable & caring approach to customer support. As a small business, we are intimately familiar with the issues facing SMEs and are committed to removing the headaches often involved with IT service providers - we do not have projected 'churn' rates; we care about each and every customer. We will not issue you a 'ticket' and consider your issue to be dealt with; all support requests will be personally answered within 24 hours by somebody capable of resolving your issue.

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